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Welcome to Monado Limited!

Investments in crypto currency market

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4%per day

Min. amount: 10$Max. amount: 49$Deposit Term: 2 daysDeposit at endNet profit: 8%

5%per day

Min. amount: 50$Max. amount: 1000$Deposit Term: 5 daysDeposit at endNet profit: 25%

2.75%каждые 12 часов

Min. amount: 100$Max. amount: 1000$Deposit Term: 10 daysDeposit at endNet profit: 55%

0.28%каждый час

Min. amount: 200$Max. amount: 1000$Deposit Term: 15 daysDeposit at endNet profit: 100%

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Monado LTD is a professional team consisting of developers and traders with many years of experience, thanks to the combination of which we achieve the best results in the field of trading in the crypto-currency market. We are ready to offer high-quality trust management and professional implementation of trade operations.

Together with us you will be able to profitably place your capital, get a stable passive income to gather a team of like – minded partners.We offer you interesting revenue plans, an international working environment and excellent opportunities for a partner program.

Our advantage

01Profitable investment

The area in which we work allows us to make regular profits. Your money works for you around the clock.

02Instant payments

You will be able to get your earned money instantly: it is enough to apply in your personal account and the money is already in your account.

03Stable profit

Your interest on the Deposit is calculated daily or hourly, you can see how your profit increases.

04Support 24/7

At any time you can contact the service and get an answer to your question.

05Ref. program

Profitable referral program, which provides 5% for each Deposit of your referral.

06Steady income

Profit is calculated regularly depending on the tariff plan, you can monitor this in your account.

How to start?


Simple registration procedure will not take much time: just follow the instructions on the screen, fill in all the required fields.

Select a plan

To become an investor, you need to make a Deposit of a certain amount. This will be your key to success.


Interest on each Deposit is charged daily, you can monitor how your profit increases in the personal area.



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